From fixed to mobile

Entering the mobile arena

Our challenge was to gain a position at the Small and Medium Enterprise mobile market, together with product management, sales and communication. This was no easy taskĀ  given the fact that Tele2 was a fixed-telecoms only company, trying to enter a by then saturated mobile business market, with a brand association shouting ‘cheap consumer stuff’.

Our plan:

Offer an honest and simple proposition limited to one subscription and one minute tariff. No fuzz no complications.

Focus on cross sell to existing customers,  take low hanging fruit first.

Get sales going with short and sweet incentive actions.

Attractive partner offer, generate quick succes with loyal partner.

Lots of online communication, as the first step in a customer journey (attract).

And finally, starting our customer lifecycle by gathering contract end dates from other providers, and loading them as suspects onto the sales funnel. To ensure we would only contact SME’s at the relevant moment.

The results

A sharp increase in order intake, and 2% market share within a year.

However, at the time mobile subscriptions needed to be pre-financed. This investment turned out to be a blocking issue at head quarters in Sweden, hampering further growth.

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