Portfolio management

Team manager wholesale

Fiber optics

Responsible for a broadband access portfolio of app. 120 million euro in revenues.
Managing technical productmanagers.
Migration from old networks to all IP technologies, developing strategies (skimming or penetrating the market, encouraging wholesale or not).
Fiber to the Curb, Home and Office. From tailored to standard delivery.

Team manager business market

Business market portfolio

Responsible for a portfolio of 100-500 million euro in revenues.
Managing voice and data subscriptions ranging from basic to gold (more bandwidth, reliability and service).
From fast internet to real time datatransport.
Including business development, innovation, bid management, customer contact, pricing and discounting.

Product management

Answering machine, once novelty, now obsolete

Seven years experience as a product manager:
– Introduced new renting formula, focused on increasing ARPU.
set prices, simplified logistics, upgrade IT system.
-Pricing and promotion of international calling, developing sales strategies for the highly competitive business market.

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