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Gearing up for full competition

I started working for SNV early 2016, a momentous year for SNV.  For the first time in 50 years SNV would implement its programmes entirely based on business revenues, acquired on a project basis, without any core subsidy from the Dutch government. This required a marketing strategy to firmly establish ourselves in the international development arena.

Impact 2017 check

SNV’s impact in 2017

In 2016 an order intake of 110 million euro from a diverse funder base enabled us to implement 300+ programmes in over 30 countries. These directly impacted the lives of 6.1 million people across the developing world.
On top of that we realised long lasting impact by kickstarting markets, and strengthening institutions and policies.

In 2017 order intake ballooned to a whopping 194 million euro. A resounding success, however one that required a shift of focus to implementation.

Marketing strategy

Together with the international managing and supervisory board we defined and implemented a marketing strategy to position SNV as one global player, with four programmes:

I Brand positioning

Establishing SNV as a single brand with one look and feel across 3 sectors and 30 countries.
Through content marketing with consistent messaging, storytelling (via owned channels), free publicity and personal presence, we gained increased reach and recognition in the market.

II Product leadership

Profiling SNV as a premium product leader with focus products as proof points of excellence. We conducted a market analysis using a Business Canvas, and established key messages per product.

Youth employment
Sustainable nutrition
Lifestock and Pastoralism
Off grid electricity

III Customer intimacy

Though we did not profile ourselves on customer intimacy, it needed a professional approach.
Gathering quantitative and qualitative customer intelligence. Developing tactics per funder, together with corporate sales. Advising and supporting donor relations through events, meetings with decision makers, interviews, and online communication.

IV Innovation

Exploration of several topics such as urban development, and smartphone based data-collection.

Persona, urban market lady getting up before dawn

We started working with persona’s with the aim to stimulate customer centric work. Although institutions fund SNV’s projects, low budget producers and consumers in developing countries are the ultimate target group. Not beneficiaries.

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