Campaigning means pressure. I love generating ideas, testing them, keeping an eye on competition, planning and adapting activities, activating people, and making quick decisions.

New and old reality

Old reality, the incumbent is chaining its customers

In the campaign ‘old reality’  Tele2 confronted KPN with the tricks they used to lock in their customers. Our main claim was, that KPN was chaining customers. This chaining provided a strong image with added reliability because it was derived from a newspaper article (plugged by us), which we included in our above the line message.

‘Welcome to the old reality’ showed KPN as (unfavorably) opposed to Tele2.  We had just done a positioning campaign for Tele2 called ‘welcome to the new reality’ , presenting ourselves as a reliable business partner. Our slogans; service is not a department but a mentality, you no longer need to choose between good and cheap.

We followed up  with an intensive below the line (DM, EM and telemarketing) campaign. We learned not to mix the indignation message with the sales message, instead we focused on selling.

Mass media campaign to introduce a new directory service

The regulator wanted a level playing field for directory services instead of a monopoly by the incumbent KPN (where I worked). Remember, in those days (2006) phone numbers were not all in your mobile or on the mobile internet. New network independent numbers for directory service would replace the network bound number 118. Meaning that a caller would no longer automatically be directed to his or her own telecom provider, but could choose its own directory service provider instead. 

As the number one directory service provider (with 25 million euro revenues) steep losses were around the corner. I carefully prepared day zero when the new numbers would replace the old ones with a big bang. Which number would be easiest to  remember? What would be our brand, part of KPN or independent? What would be the content of our campaign? And what mass media pressure was needed?

Thanks to the fact that I managed to get consensus about the main scenarios and the choices we would make before due date, I was able to act immediately when the battle of the new numbers began. A 3,6 million euro communication budget was secured.

At day one, the regulator deactivated 118 and customers needed to choose one of the new numbers (1800, 1888, 1850 etc). Our largest competitor was price fighter 1850. They used sex appeal, we threw in our sense of humour, with four rowdy old men who were determined to make a succes of their number 1888, by all means…. (sorry the videos below are in Dutch but you might get the gist of it).

Kijk, wij als directie van 1888 nummerinformatie…

Dan moeten wij er alleen nog voor zorgen dat u ons echt nodig heeft!

A simple message pushed through all the sensory organs of a human being, a lot of fun, and enormous media pressure. That is how we ensured that 80% of Dutch population knew our number by heart within a few weeks, ánd used it when looking for a number.

Next to radio and TV  we also used cheap online and below the line channels (text messages and invoice messages).

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